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Why are vivid dreams so common during this pandemic?

More and more people are reporting vivid and frequent dreams as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Global’s Kim Sullivan talks to dream analyst Layne Dalfen.


What symbols are in your dreams?

Do you find recurring symbols in your dreams? Dream analyst Layne Dalfen joins Global’s Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan to dive into what they could mean and how they reflect on your waking life.


What do your dreams mean?

Have you ever wondered what your dreams really mean? Dream analyst Layne Dalfen joins Global’s Laura Casella to tell us how solving problems in the dream world can help you in the real world.


Finding the positive side of your nightmares

Have you ever wondered about what your nightmares mean? Dream analyst Layne Dalfen joins Global’s Laura Casella to dig into those bad dreams and pull out the positive.



What do your dreams mean?


In The States, Layne appeared on FOX’s Good Day New York, WGN, ABC, and NBC. She has been on FOX Morning News in Chicago several times. In Canada, Layne has appeared on Discovery/Life Channel’s Health On The Line, Global’s Morning Show, CTV’s Nationwide, Canada AM, CITY TV’s Breakfast Television, and CTV’s Three Takes. She filmed a segment of”The Age of E” television series for Wisdom TV (Vision TV in Canada), and was featured in 2009 in the documentary titled Seeing 911, a skeptic’s journey into a very real prophecy filmed with Elevator Films for Vision TV. Layne also appeared in the US documentary titled, Dream Symbols: How To Work With Them, as part of the series DREAMTIME for PBS television.


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