A note from Layne on what you can expect when you have a private consultation: Did you ever have a dream that you really wonder about? As you may have realized by perusing my site the experience of decoding your dream is a back and forth discussion that takes place between the two of us.

I look at dreams from a psychological perspective and what I do is ask you a series of questions to help you uncover what daytime situation is going on in your life this week that you are attempting to come to a conclusion about. And I know the right questions to ask!

The great news is that not only are we problem-solving in our dreams, and the solution to the issue also appears in the dream. Once we have decoded why you had that dream, we will look back inside the dream for the solution. That is my favorite part! It’s an interesting experience for sure and because I teach while I work, you’ll come away with the tools for how to do it yourself!

The dreams that we remember are typically the ones that are the most important. Dreams that are especially vivid or that evoke a strong emotional reaction often reveal problems that we are facing in our waking lives that we are working on subconsciously. The simple act of uncovering the dreams meaning create insights, and simultaneously release the energy tied up in the conflict.

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