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For 22 years, while Norman Gulko slept, his dreaming brain went on dates with his late wife. Her name was Flo, and they had been married more than three decades when cancer claimed her life in the summer of 1980. Two weeks later, she showed up in his dreams. She was standing in profile, her brown eyes young again, urging him to be happy.

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In 1993, Christy Ann Conlin quit her job as an Ottawa file clerk and headed to Germany with her boyfriend. “I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life,” she recalls.

Until one night, after she fell into a deep sleep.

“In my dream, I was Madonna’s file clerk,” she recalls. “As I worked in this dusty chamber, she told me tales of her own success, which she’d achieved by daring to aspire beyond the ordinary.”

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If you’re one of those people who naively think others might be the least bit interested in hearing about your dreams yet keep finding yourself disappointed upon learning nobody does, take heart in the knowledge that an entire conference devoted to dreams and their interpretation will be taking place in Montreal from Tuesday, July 8 to Saturday, July 12 at Hôtel Auberge Universel (5000 Sherbrooke E.). Not only that, but in honour of the conference and a simultaneous dream-themed art exhibit that will be running at the Gallery Art Neuf (3819 Calixa-Lavallée) all summer long, the city of Montreal has officially declared the week in question to be “Dream Week.”


Had her own dreams analyzed: “I was 21 years old and unable to articulate my feelings,” Dalfen said. “So instead, I would talk to him about my dreams. It was the first time I learned that we could solve our problems through our dreams. Dream analysis is an investigation, like solving a puzzle. You attach the dream to the problem”

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I’m driving through the countryside near my home, just me and my truck, chewing thoughts like long grass, when I’m jolted by the sound of screaming steel overhead. I look up in time to see the jumbo jet just before it explodes into the road. And then an awesome, enveloping silence. I’m alone, climbing through the wreckage, terrified of what I’m going to find, and there’s nothing I can do.


The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by Stephanie Whittaker Once the lights go out and you drift off, your brain gets busy and you can find yourself in some very odd predicaments. One night you might find yourself in your childhood home, except that it’s not really your childhood home. You’re with your cat,…

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This insightful and tenacious Westmount babe has been studying dreams for 20 years and conducting private dream analysis sessions at her Dream Interpretation Centre since 1997. A bigmouth on the U.S. talk radio circuit, Layne has a new book on the market called Dreams Do Come True, a TV pilot in the works, and finds herself forever busy analyzing people’s dreams online at