Articles about dreams and dream interpretation by dream analyst Layne Dalfen.

Starting A Dreaminar

It makes sense that I have always been so fascinated by dreams and their meaning. I have great dream recall and have been discussing them since I was a child, long before I knew we are problem solving in them.

I first learned we are problem solving in my early twenties, during therapy with a brilliant Freudian psychoanalyst.

Tell Us What Our Recurring Nightmares Mean – Vice Magazine Article

Whether it’s your teeth repetitively falling out of your head or going on a homicidal rampage, waking up sweaty and disoriented from a bizarre dream can leave you wondering what the hell is wrong with your head. And it really doesn’t help when you have the same dream over and over. Concerned about whether or not our recurring nightmares meant we were awful people or simply unwell (probably both), we reached out to a professional dream analyst, Layne Dalfen, to find out.