Can your dreams help guide you in business? Layne Dalfen thinks so. “We’re problem-solving in our dreams,” explains Dalfen, a dream analyst in Montreal and the author of Dreams Do Come True: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential (Adams Media). “Whether you are soliciting the solution to an issue you are facing or one you are attempting not to face, dreams create scenarios that mirror the feelings and events we are experiencing in our current lives.”

Dreamtime Magazine

Layne Dalfen’s book, Dreams Do Come True, is aptly described by its subtitle, “decoding your dreams to discover your full potential.” “I believe that the ability to understand our dreams provides us with the opportunity to be completely in touch with our whole selves when making decisions”, she says in her introduction. “Interpreting our dreams is not only fun and interesting, it is important.”

Edmonton Sun

A terrifying dream in which she’s trapped in a freight elevator often invades Layne Dalfen’s sleep when she’s feeling stressed.

“The space is so big, I can’t hold onto the walls and the floor is wobbly,” says the 50-year-old Montrealer who analyses other people’s dreams via her home-based consultancy, the Internet, and radio phone-ins.

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If he were alive today, I am sure American Philosopher Henry David Thoreau would have liked to meet Montreal author and dream interpreter Layne Dalfen.

Dalfen, a self-proclaimed ‘dream worker’ who in 1997 established the Dream Interpretation Center here in Montreal, has written Dreams Do Come True, a 300-page book filled with helpful hints, tricks and insight into understanding what happens when our heads hit the pillow and our minds begin to freefall.

Montreal Gazette

Counselor helps interpret meaning

– For most of the time we’re sleeping at night, we’re dreaming. Our dreams are chiefly about something with which we are preoccupied, perhaps unconsciously, expressions of our deeper selves.

– And the best way to understand dreams is to want to, says Montrealer Layne Dalfen, who helps people to find out more about their dreams.


Layne Dalfen, dream analyst and author of Dreams Do Come True: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential, explains that dreams are connected to your life and can be a useful problem-solving tool. Dreams can highlight a problem, alert you to a desire, make you aware of a strength and urge you to face fears or conflicts. “This is especially useful in relationships, where there is so much fear and hope connected,” says California-based psychotherapist and dream interpreter Michael Lennox, M.A.