Layne Dalfen has been interpreting her own and her client’s dreams for years. Her own interest in dreams stems from her early experience in Freudian analysis where dream work was the primary tool.

  • 1988 Certificate in Gestalt Counseling
  • 1992 Studied dreamwork at the Alfred Adler Institute
  • 1995 – Present: Member of the C. G. Jung Society
  • 1997 – Present: Founded The Dream Interpretation Center, Montreal
  • 2005 – 2009 Board of Directors, International Association for the Study of Dreams
  • 2005 – Present: Lecturer at Concordia University, Montreal


Layne has been a guest on over 100 radio shows across The U.S. and Canada, besides her standing appearances in her home-town Montreal on CJAD, where people call in and talk with her to find the meaning of their dreams. She has been reviewed as a recommended guest on, Launch Radio, and MegaPrep.


In The States, Layne appeared on FOX’s Good Day New York, WGN, ABC, and NBC. She has been on FOX Morning News in Chicago several times. In Canada, Layne has appeared on Discovery/Life Channel’s Health On The Line, Global’s Morning Show, CTV’s Nationwide, Canada AM, CITY TV’s Breakfast Television, and CTV’s Three Takes. She filmed a segment of”The Age of E” television series for Wisdom TV (Vision TV in Canada), and is featured in an upcoming documentary titled Seeing 911, a skeptic’s journey into a very real prophecy filmed with Elevator Films for Vision TV. (March 10, 2009 at 10:30 PM ET). Layne also appears in the soon to be released US documentary titled, Dream Symbols: How To Work With Them, as part of the series DREAMTIME for PBS television.


Layne has published articles for magazines, including “Problem Solving While You Sleep”, and “Sexual Dreams”, for Body and Soul Magazine in the U.S., Other articles appear in Chicago Woman, Canadian Living, Inner Self, Ghost Village, and Beliefnet on-line.

Recent article written on Vice news click here


She has conducted workshops at Tuft’s University in Boston, in Berkeley, CA., in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bridgewater MA, Chicago and Montreal with IASD.  Layne has lectured for the  Counselling students at Concordia University, since 2005.  She has lectured at McGill University and Champlain College in Montreal as well. Layne has spoken for many organizations and spas including Canyon Ranch both in Lenox, MA and Tucson, AZ., and is a frequent speaker at both Old Stone Farm in Upstate New York, and at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico.

During these lectures, as well as in her book DREAMS DO COME TRUE: Decoding Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential, Layne’s goal is to introduce the general public to the value of understanding their dreams.

Her appearances on live radio and numerous interviews expose a compassionate and articulate dream interpreter with an uncanny gift to describe your dreams and plan a course of action.